Congratulations 2015 Annual Chief Resident’s Debate Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s New York Section Annual Chief Resident’s Debate held on March 4, 2015!

  • Simpa Salami, MD from North Shore/LIJ Health System
  • Jason Van Batavia, MD from Columbia Univ. Phy. & Surg.
  • Billy Cordon, MD from Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Edan Shapiro, MD from Columbia Univ. Phy. & Surg.
  • Sarah Mitchell, MD from NY University Langone Medical Center
  • Ariel Schulman, MD from Maimonides Medical Center
  • Susan MacDonald, MD from Einstein/Montefiore Hospital
  • Charles Osterberg, MD from NY Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell Med. Ctr

Read the full list of all Chief Resident’s Debate Award recipients


Congratulations 2015 AUA Award Winners

The New York Section is proud and honored to announce the 2015 AUA awards to our members of the New York Section AUA. We recognize their achievements which reflect the tremendous benefits they have brought to urologists everywhere and the New York Section in particular.  The Section congratulates them on their award.

Harry W. Herr, MD for being awarded –  AUA Hugh Hampton Young Award for outstanding contributions to the study of genitourinary tract disease. Harry W. Herr, MD will receive this year’s award for outstanding contributions in advancing the treatment of bladder cancer and the training of numerous urological oncologists.

Victor W. Nitti, MD for being awarded the AUA Victor A. Politano Award for outstanding research and work in the field of incontinence and for enhancing the treatment of incontinent patients, thereby helping to improve their quality of life. Victor W. Nitti, MD will receive this award for expertise in urodynamics; medical and surgical therapies for urinary incontinence, female pelvic reconstruction and voiding dysfunction; contributions to the International Consultation on Incontinence and service as president of the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine, and Urogenital Reconstruction and to the American Boards of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Gilbert Wise, MD for being awarded the AUA Gold Cane Award.  The Gold Cane Award is presented to a senior urologist distinguished by outstanding contributions to the profession and to the AUA. Gilbert J. Wise, MD, is this year’s award recipient for dedication and service to the AUA, specifically as president of the New York Section of the AUA, for training a generation of residents and for contributions to the treatment of fungal infections and tuberculosis of the urinary tract.


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