Russel W. Lavengood Award

Dr. Russell W. Lavengood’s constant contributions to the New York Section of Urology epitomized the concept of “distinguished service”. Accordingly, it is most fitting that the New York Section establish the Russell W. Lavengood Distinguished Service Award. This concept was introduced by Dr. Richard J. Macchia in 1989, suggesting that it be awarded to a person with consideration of all virtues, not only academic contributions. Dr. Lavengood was an outstanding leader in all areas of academic urology. He was a founding member and Past President of the American Association of Clinical Urologists, Past President of the New York Section of the American Urological Association, a Trustee of the American Board of Urology, a Governor of the American College of Surgeons, an active member of the National Kidney Foundation, a past member of the Executive Committee of the American Urological Association, and a contributor to almost all of the major committees of the AUA. One of his last major contributions to the New York Section was the formulation of the plan for the reorganization of the Section’s Executive Committee to include a representative from each of the Section Districts. Most importantly, as expressed by the Section at the time of his untimely death, “He was never too busy to respond to the needs of others with tireless energy and he efficiently accomplished all that was demanded of him. Despite these numerous commitments, his compassionate care of his patients was never compromised.”


Recipients of the Russell W. Lavengood Award:


Year Recipient(s)
2018 Kenneth Glassberg
2017 Muhammad Choudhury
2016 Arthur D. Smith
2015 Frederick A. Gulmi
2014 Deepak Kapoor
2013 Michael Droller
2012 R. Ernest Sosa
2011 Ihor Sawczuk
2010 Pramod C. Sogani
2009 Carl A. Olsson
2008 E. Darracott Vaughan
2007 Harris M. Nagler
2003 Peter Puchner
2002 Rainer Engle
2001 Robert S. Waldbaum
2000 Clement A. Furey
1999 Pellegrino Tozzo
1998 Richard J. Macchia
1997 William R. Fair
1996 Robert D. Wickham
1995 Bernard C. Butler
1994 Willet Whitmore
1993 George Nagamatsu
1992 Eva Sloan
1991 Thomas Mulcahy
1989 Harris Fleming