Dear Residents, Members of the New York Section, and other colleagues,

As the COVID-19 crisis limited our ability to perform surgeries, see patients, and engage in
learning opportunities, we set out to develop a collaborative lecture series with the New York
urology faculty and other programs nationally.

Despite the challenges of living in the epicenter of this pandemic, we are resilient and remain
committed to medical education. This is how the Educational Multi-Institutional Program for Instructing REsidents (EMPIRE) urology lecture series was originally born in the
spring of 2020.

We hope residents can gain different perspectives from faculty at all of our collective institutions
and take advantage of the increased accessibility of this virtual platform. We also anticipate this
series will lead to increased collaboration between all the great New York Section institutions.

Please see the schedule and meeting details on the following page. Recordings of prior sessions will
be available in the “presentation & videos” archive, and
are a great resource for In-Service Exam, Board prep, and beyond.

We hope this communication finds you well and that you stay safe during these tumultuous times. If
you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our organizing team.

NY AUA presents the Michael J. Droller NY AUA
Section Chief Resident Virtual Debate 2021

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118th New York Section AUA Annual Meeting

Aug. 28th – Sep. 3rd, 2022 

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