Membership Application

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The online application was designed to make it easier for you to apply for membership to the New York Section – AUA.

Before you begin, here are some helpful hints:

  1. You can complete this application and submit it online, or you can complete the application, print and mail it to the address listed on the job posting. Online applications are submitted over a secure connection.
  2. Not all fields are required; however, completing all fields ensures your application can be processed.
  3. If you plan to submit your application electronically, watch for the Submit button on the last page.

Don’t forget to click Submit when you’re done. A copy of your application will be sent to the email submitted in the email. You can print this as a receipt page for your records.

Apply Online

Apply Via Printed Form

If you would prefer to send the application via standard mail, please download and complete one of:

You can view the Benefits of Membership and a description of the Membership Types in our FAQ.

Please mail the completed application to:

Michele Paoli
Executive Director
New York Section, AUA
4100 Duff Place, Lower Lever
Seaford, NY 11783

Need help completing your application? Call us at 516-520-1226 or email