Hackensack University Medical Center

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Program Hackensack University Medical Center
Region North America
Location Hackensack, NJ
Type/Focus Endourology
Duration 5 Years

360 Essex St. Suite 403
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Department Urology

Barbara Wittmaack

Website https://www.hackensackumc.org/health-professionals/education-training/residencies/urology-residency-program/
No. Residents Accepted Each Year 1
Program Description

Hackensack University Medical Center
360 Essex St. Suite 403
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Chairman: Michael Stifelman, MD

Program Director: Harry Koo, MD

Program Coordinator: Barbara Wittmaack
Telephone No: 551-996-8224

5 Year Program

Program Description:

Hackensack University Medical Center’s Urology Residency Program is dedicated to providing a broad and immersive experience that fully prepares residents for their career in urology. With access to the most up to date technology, the resources needed to do meaningful research, and curated one-on-one mentorship, our residents are provided the tools to succeed and further advance the field of urology itself. We are proud that we have this opportunity to inspire life-long learning in our residents. Our mission is to graduate well rounded physicians that are fully trained in all surgical sub-specialties of urology through finely tuned educational opportunities that we feel are second to none.