Guest Tours

Monday, November 11

Majorelle Gardens & YSL Museum - $80

A stroll through the Majorelle Gardens that inspired Yves Saint Laurent for over three decades is a sure highlight of your time in Marrakech! The two-and-a-half-acre gardens are an urban oasis full of cacti, exotic plants, and trees from all over the world.

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum honors the fashion icon’s love of Marrakech and builds upon the collections housed at the Majorelle gardens. The building itself is a work of art and houses a permanent collection of some of YSL’s best known designs along with rotating installations dedicated to themes about which he cared.

Tuesday, November 12

Moroccan Tagine cooking class with lunch - $160

You will enjoy an immersive and fun experience: a Moroccan Tagine Cooking Class! Accompanied by a local “dada”, and with the help of an English translator, you will dig into all of the key components of a Moroccan meal, starting with how to prepare the famous Moroccan mint tea. From there, the hands-on portion of the course begins as you will prepare two different Moroccan starters.

After that, you’ll finally learn to prepare your main course, the famous tagine. The class ends with a lunch where you eat your very own masterpiece!

Duration: 3 hours
Attire: Casual/Comfortable attire

DIY Mosaic Workshop with a local artisan - $145

The workshop revolves around mosaics, or “zelige”, which is featured in riads and traditional Moroccan homes. The workshop teaches you about the art of mosaic making, the different shapes and forms, and the raw materials involved, as well as the process of making and assembling the mosaics. You’ll both observe and get to try your hand at making parts of a mosaic tile, with your very own tile to take home afterwards

Duration: ~2-3 hours
Attire: Casual/Comfortable attire

Wednesday, November 13

Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride - $325

Depart early from your hotel (5 or 6 AM) to the balloon grounds. After a quick briefing, you will get on board the balloon and enjoy a ride of about 40 minutes, where you soar above local villages and the plains of Southern Morocco.

Once the ride is over, you will head to a nearby tent for a traditional breakfast. You’ll then be dropped back off at your hotel

Duration: 45 min transfer per way – 45 min-1 hour (flight)

Attire: Coldwear casual/Comfortable attire

Thursday, November 14

DIY Moroccan Leather workshop with a local artisan - $145

Embark on a captivating exploration of Marrakech’s leather craft with a local artisan. Discover the heritage and skills behind leatherwork as you learn techniques to create your personalized piece, whether it’s a stylish bag, wallet, or unique accessory. Immerse yourself in the artistry, crafting your own handmade treasure to cherish.

Duration: ~2-3 hours
Attire: Casual attire with comfortable shoes

Hammam & Spa Treatment - $215

Cap off your experience with a 1-hour traditional Hammam and Spa treatment. Indulge in this ancient ritual, where the hammam serves as a sanctuary for cleansing and relaxation. Enjoy the black-soap cleanse, followed by a refreshing cold-water rinse, preparing your skin for an invigorating scrub that leaves you rejuvenated and free from impurities. The Ghassoul mask, derived from Moroccan volcanic clay, nourishes the body, face, and hair, while the final step offers a relaxing massage using pure oils—a Moroccan essence of youth.

Duration: 1 hour Attire: Bathing suit

Friday, November 15

Bike around Marrakech - $175

Exploring Marrakech by bike opens up a world of sights and sounds. Pedal through a carefully curated route in the vibrant streets, taking in the bustling markets, ornate architecture, and the city’s lively atmosphere. With each turn of the wheel, immerse yourself in the rich culture and history that make Marrakech so enchanting. Whether it’s the ancient city walls, the colorful souks, or the charming alleys, an hour of biking unveils a snippet of this captivating city’s soul.

Duration: ~ 1-2 hour
Attire: Sports Wear/Comfortable attire

Marrakech Modern Art Tour - $55

Embark on a curated Marrakech Modern Art Tour, a one-hour exploration of avant-garde galleries in the vibrant Gueliz district. Led by a local expert well-versed in the city’s artistry, encounter diverse contemporary expressions, from abstract paintings to mesmerizing multimedia pieces. Visit artists’ studios to witness the fusion of Morocco’s rich heritage. Immerse yourself in Marrakech’s cultural world, departing with a newfound appreciation for its innovative and artistic wonders.

Duration: ~1 hour
Attire: Attire: Casual/Comfortable attire

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