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Hotel Maria Cristina

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Address: Camino Kalea, 1, 20004 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain
Phone: +34 943-437600

Since it opened in 1912, Hotel Maria Cristina, a Luxury Collection Hotel has been intimately linked to the history and cultural life of San Sebastian. In the late 19th century the seaside town on the southern point of the Bay of Biscay became a favorite destination for royalty and aristocrats who came to enjoy the sunshine and newly recognized therapeutic properties of sea bathing. A traditional afternoon stroll along the boardwalk offered an opportunity to see and be seen while the many cafés and open-air terraces were filled with high society. San Sebastian had passed from being a sleepy fishing village into a thriving cosmopolitan town requiring luxurious, modern facilities to meet the demands of its discerning guests. The majestic design of the hotel by architect Charles Mewes, the man responsible for the Ritz in Madrid and Paris, combined with the property’s enviable river setting and sea views, resulted in it immediately becoming the favored accommodation for international high society.

Program Inclusions

Your trip package includes: six night deluxe accommodations, all group events as indicated on the program agenda and transportation to and from the airport on the program dates.

Airline Reservations

Flight arrangements are not included in this package. However, we are partnering with Jet Set Travel Concepts who will be more than happy to assist you.

Here is their contact information:

Jay Lane – Phone Number 706 – 300 – 4516


All U.S. citizens need a valid passport to enter Spain. If you do not have a passport or your passport has expired, log onto for information on how to obtain a passport. Please be advised that obtaining your passport could take at least six weeks.

Travel Insurance

Please find the information for trip insurance below:


Spanish is the official language of Spain. Spanish, Catalan, Valencian, Galician, Basque are other languages spoken on a regular basis in Spain.


The end of summer and beginning of Autumn typically has mild days and nights. Temperatures range from 60°F during the day and 45°F at night in San Sebastian, Spain.


Comfortable, casual, and loose-fitting clothing and shoes are the key to relaxed travel. Clothes that do not wrinkle easily work best (i.e. khakis, dress slacks, casual blouses or sport shirts). Dressing in layers allows you to adjust to climate changes.

For sightseeing or tours, be sure to pack for comfort. Light cotton slacks, khakis, shorts, jeans, T-shirts and sport blouses/shirts work well. Sneakers and sandals are suggested.
Business casual attire is suggested for all Scientific Sessions and Welcome reception (jackets and ties optional).

Gala Attire – Cocktail.


The Euro is the currency of Spain.


The charming coastal town of San Sebastian is slowly gaining attention among food aficionados. Touted Spain’s culinary capital, San Sebastian is the place to be if one is looking to enjoy both the seaside setting and fine food helmed by talented chefs. Whether it’s about its ubiquitous pintxo bars, Michelin-starred restaurants, or gourmet food shop, the food here is a serious thing. The city is known for claiming the highest number of Michelin stars per square meter compared to big cities like Paris and New York. Michelin star is one of the most reputed rating systems in the world, and we know it takes a lot of effort for a restaurant to get a Michelin star.



ARZAK (***) Juan Mari Arzak domina las nuevas técnicas y nuevos productos. Además, hoy junto con su hija Elena, sigue siendo uno de los grandes referentes en España y en el mundo entero. Según sus propias palabras, su cocina es una aventura de renovar y actualizar la gastronomía vasca, sin perder de vista la tradición.

ENG: Juan Mari Arzak masters new techniques and new products. His team leaded with his daughter Elena, remains one of the most important gastronomic references in Spain and the world. In his own words, his cuisine is an adventure towards an updated Basque culinary experience without losing sight of tradition

Tipo de cocina: Cocina de autor // Type of cuisine: Signature

Dirección // Address: Alcalde Elosegui, 273 20015 Donostia/San Sebastián

Teléfono // Telephone: +34 943 27 84 65

Descanso semanal: Domingo y lunes // Weekly rest: Sunday,Monday

MARTÍN BERASATEGUI (***) El chef lleva 47 años en la profesión. Cocina ligera, imaginativa, fresca, elaborada con exactitud y servida impecablemente en una atmósfera de confort. Predomina el producto local y el pescado. Tipo de cocina: Cocina de autor

ENG: The chef has devoted 35 years in the profession. His cuisine is light, imaginative, fresh, made with accuracy and served in an atmosphere of comfort. The local product is the most important thing here and they focus on the quality.

Dirección // Address: Loidi, 4 20160 Lasarte

Teléfono // Telephone: +34 943 36 64 71

Descanso semanal: Domingo noche, lunes y martes todo el día // Weekly rest: Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday

AKELARRE (***) El chef Pedro Subijana es uno de los cocineros que más influyó en la renovación de la cocina española hace 30 años. Destaca su carta innovadora así como sus sabores intensos. Cuenta con su propia huerta. Situado en el Monte Igueldo, sorprenden las vistas del mar Cantábrico.

ENG: The chef Pedro Subijana was one of the most influential chefs in the revival of the Spanish cuisine 30 years ago. Amongst the highlights we would include its innovative menu and the intense flavors. Also, they have their own vegetables garden. Located in Igueldo Mountain, the amazing views of the Cantabrian Sea are remarkable

Tipo de cocina: Cocina de autor // Type of cuisine: Signature

Dirección // Address: Padre Orcoloaga, 56 20008 Donostia/San Sebastián

Teléfono // Telephone: +34 943 31 12 09

Descanso semanal: De enero a junio: domingo noche, lunes y martes/ De julio a diciembre: domingo noches, lunes // Weekly rest: From January to June: Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday. From July to December: Sunday night, Monday

MUGARITZ (**) El chef Andoni Luis Aduriz opta por una cocina molecular llena de olores, texturas, sabores… La comida aquí se convierte en una experiencia sensorial. Un menú personalizado de unos veinte platos donde recogen sus experiencias y técnicas, fruto de años de investigación.

ENG: The chef Andoni Luis Aduriz is committed to a cuisine full of smells, textures, flavours. The meal here becomes a sensory experience. Their tasting menu is a product of many years of research and it is composed of approximately twenty interesting courses.

Tipo de cocina: Cocina de autor // Type of cuisine: Signature cuisine

Dirección // Address: Aldura Aldea, 20, 20100 Errenteria

Teléfono // Telephone: +34 943 52 24 55

Descanso semanal: Domingo noche y lunes y martes mediodía // Weekly rest: Sunday night, Monday, Tuesday lunch

KOKOTXA (*) Su chef Daniel López obtuvo su primera Estrella en 2008. Cocina vasca de autor con personalidad basada en productos frescos y de calidad. Situado junto a la iglesia de Santa María, es el único restaurante con estrella situado en la parte vieja donostiarra.

ENG: Chef Daniel López obtained his first Michelin Star in 2008. Basque cuisine with personality based on fresh, quality products. Located next to the church of St. Mary, is the only starred restaurant located in the old part of San Sebastian.

Tipo de cocina: Cocina de autor // Type of cuisine: Signature

Dirección // Address: Campanario, 11 20003 Donostia/San Sebastián

Teléfono // Telephone: +34 943 42 19 04

Descanso semanal: Domingos y lunes // Weekly rest: Sunday, Monday

RESTAURANTE ELKANO (*) El Chef Aitor Arregui dirige el restaurante abierto por sus padres, Pedro y Mari Arregui, destacando su exquisita cocina a las brasas. Situado en Getaria, a orillas del mar Cantábrico, el Restaurante Elkano es uno de los templos de la cocina a las brasas en España y su chef, un gran innovador. Su platillo estrella, el rodaballo a las brasas.

ENG: Chef Aitor Arregui runs the restaurant opened by his parents, Pedro and Mari Arregui, highlighting its exquisite grilled cuisine. Located in Getaria, on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, Elkano Restaurant is one of the temples of grilled cuisine in Spain and its chef, a great innovator. Its star dish, grilled turbot.

Tipo de cocina : A las brasas // Type of cuisine: Grilled

Dirección // Address: Herrerieta Kalea, 2, 20808 Getaria, Gipuzkoa

Teléfono // Telephone : +34 943 14 00 24

Descanso semanal : Martes noche y domingo noche // Weekly rest: Tuesday night and Sunday night


Spain has standardized on type F sockets and plugs. Type C and type E plugs can also be used thanks to their compatibility with type F sockets. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Time Zone

Time zone of San Sebastián, Spain. Central European Time UTC+1

Join us in San Sebastian, Spain for the
119th Annual Meeting
of the New York Section of the AUA
August 27 - September 2, 2023

Scientific Session registration is still open.

We are currently sold out of regular rooms for our upcoming meeting.