SUNY at Stony Brook

The goal of Stony Brook’s urology residency program is to enable you to realize your full potential as a physician and urologic surgeon. Whether you are best suited for a career in general urology or a urological specialty, our training program will give you the broad background necessary for either type of career.

During the course of training, the resident assumes an increasing level of responsibility for the patients under his or her care. This enables our residents to develop clinical judgment and self-confidence at an early stage of their careers. The cognitive progress of the urology resident is measured by the in-service examination. Theoretical aspects of urological training are fostered by carefully structured didactic exercises, in the form of pathology and radiology courses, lectures, a visiting professor program, teaching rounds, and a journal club.

The final development of an accomplished physician/surgeon depends upon the proper blending of knowledge and technical skills with the ability to care for the patient with compassion and empathy. Our responsibility is to guide and accompany you at the beginning of this journey, and to provide a framework that you can use to measure your progress towards achieving the goal of being fully prepared to successfully assist those patients who are entrusted to your care.

Stony Brook’s Urology Residency Program is a fully-accredited six year training program that provides residents with clinical education and research opportunities in

  • General Urology
  • Urology Oncology
  • Endourology and stone disease
  • Pediatric urology
  • Minimally invasive surgery-laparoscopic and robotic surgery
  • Female urology, voiding dysfunction and reconstructive surgery
  • Voiding dysfunction and incontinence
  • Erectile dysfunction, male infertility and microsurgery
  • Renal Transplantation

Stony Brook Urology Residency Program recruits two residents per year. The first years of the program are spent in general surgery with a rotation in Urology, followed by four years in the Urology Program. The general emphasis of the program is to provide residents with an educational experience that will prepare them for a productive and satisfying career in urology.  Since the career goals of individual residents may differ, it is the goal of our residency training to provide a broad base of surgical education from which a career as a community practitioner, researcher, or academician can be equally well pursued.  The program ensures that those residents completing the program will meet the standards of professional excellence adopted by the American Board of Urology, and will be fully eligible for board certification.  Our Urology program encompasses training at Stony Brook University Hospital, Northport VAMC and Winthrop University Hospital.  These rotations provide our residents with a wide variety of urological cases which permit ample opportunities for them to develop their clinical and surgical skills, while developing the confidence to practice independently.