Volunteer for NYS-AUA Committee

Are you looking for ways to expand your professional network and contribute to NYS-AUA? Committee volunteers help shape NYS-AUA by advancing its strategic plan and helping to develop, execute and advise on Association activities and initiatives. Serving on a committee is one of the best ways to become involved and make an impact on the profession. If you’d like to become more engaged, please apply to volunteer to serve on a National or Section AUA committee.

The link to the volunteer form is included at the end of this page.

If you’re interested in volunteering for a National committee, please review the available volunteer opportunities at AUANet.org.

NYS-AUA Committee Positions


President Elect
Immediate Past President
Past President
District I Representative
District II Representative
District III Representative
District IV Representative
District V Representative
NYS Historian
NYS Socio Economics Representative
District I:
Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk)
District II:
Brooklyn, SI, Queens
District III:
District IV:
Westchester, Rockland, Bronx, and other northern or western geographies located within the geographic boundaries of the Section.
District V:
New Jersey


Web Site Committee (3 year term) – Appointed by the President

Survey Committee (3 year term) – Appointed by the President

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee shall become familiar with the activities of the Section and the applicability of the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. The Bylaws Committee shall consist of the Secretary of the Section as Chair, the Section Secretary-elect, the Section Representative to the AUA Bylaws Committee and 3 active or senior members who shall be appointed by the President. The term of the 3 committee members is staggered initially and serves 2, 3 and 4 years. Thereafter, the term of each committee member shall be 3 years. The Bylaws Committee will report as needed to the Board of Directors. Every five years, or as directed by the President of the Section, the Committee will undertake a thorough review of the Bylaws. Any rewrite of the bylaws will then be presented to the Board of Directors who shall vote on the rewrite. The full Bylaws are available for review here.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, who shall be the Chair, the President, the Immediate Past-President and the President-Elect and a Section representative on a rotating basis. The Finance Committee shall study and evaluate all financial affairs of the Section and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Committee shall set up a budget for the various activities each year, and on the basis of the projected budget, make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding dues for the ensuing year.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall consist of two active members in good standing in the Section, who shall be appointed by the President, and who shall serve for two years. It shall examine the audits submitted by the certified public accountant retained by the Section. It shall examine the accounts of the Treasurer. It shall verify submission of all appropriate tax documents. The audit committee shall present an annual report to the Board of Directors

Judicial and Ethics Committee

Every 4th year the Chair will be approved by the Section President after the recommendations of the nominating committee are considered and will serve a four year term. The President will also appoint a non-board of director’s representative, a board member, and one of the members-at-large. The immediate past President will also serve on this committee. The Judicial and Ethics Committee shall investigate (a) all controversies arising from the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of this Section and (b) all questions which involve alleged violation of medical ethics and (c) all questions involving membership in the Section, or the rights and standing of members, whether in relation to other members, to the Section, or to the public. In cases of investigation of individual members, any Committee member from the same district as the individual being investigated must recuse himself from the deliberations. In this situation, the President of the Section shall appoint an additional member bringing the number of members for deliberation to five. The Judicial and Ethics Committee shall report to and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Judicial and Ethics Committee shall be recommended as the Section representative to the AUA Judicial and Ethics Council subject to the approval by the President of the AUA

NYS Representative to AUA Committees

Young Urologists Committee (2 yr term)

Bylaws Committee (2yr term renewable)

History Committee (Based on term of NYS Historian)

Nominating Committee (2yr term renewable once)

Nominating Committee Alt

Resident’s Committee (1yr term renewable once)

Section Secretaries/Membership Council

Public Policy Council – (2yr term renewable twice)

Practice Management Committee

Danil Markanov and Lee Richstone

Judicial and Ethics Committee

JU Editorial Board

Application for Officer Committee

Application for consideration as a candidate for office or committee at the New York section and National AUA level.