2016 Urology Care Foundation Research Scholar Program Includes New York Section Award!

The 2016 Urology Care Foundation Research Scholar Program competition is open! At least 27 awards are available for the 2016 competition, a record high and the leading funding opportunity available through the Urology Care Foundation. Of particular interest to the members of the AUA New York Section is an award available through the AUA New York Section Research Scholar Endowment Fund.

Funding is available for research training in all urologic disease areas and across all research types: basic, translational, clinical, and health services/outcomes. Some awards focus on the following specific research areas:

Interstitial Cystitis
Pediatric Urology
Sexual Medicine
Urologic Oncology


The 2016 competition will also include awards sponsored by some of the 15 new endowments that have been established over the past two years. We thank the AUA and these organizations for their support of the 2016 competition!

AUA Northeastern Section
AUA South Central
AUA Southeastern Section
AUA Western Section


Chesapeake Urology Associates
Endourological Society
Indian American Urological Association – Sakti Das, MD


Sexual Medicine Society of North America
Society for Pediatric Urology – Sushil Lacy, MD
Society of Urologic Oncology


We also thank the rest of our 2016 partners – the AUA Mid-Atlantic Section, the AUA New York Section, the AUA North Central Section, the AUA New England Section, the Interstitial Cystitis Association, the Kidney Cancer Association, Olympus, Boston Scientific, the “Friends of Joe” and Dornier MedTech for their support!

Research Scholar Awards are granted based on the objective evaluation of all aspects of eligibility criteria, scientific review, and the financial portfolio available at the time the grants are finalized by the Urology Care Foundation. The Urology Care Foundation reserves the right for final approval for any/all awards provided through the program.

Research Scholar Program information and the application portal are available online. The application deadline is September 9, 2015. A letter of intent is strongly encouraged, but not required, and is due on August 12, 2015. Please direct any questions to [email address=].

NYS-AUA Welcomes New Members


The New York Section, AUA would like to welcome our newest members.

2015 New Members

Joseph Alukal, MD
Gina Badalato, MD
Lauren Baldinger Schulz, MD
Christopher Barbieri, MD
Anthony Casale, MD
Doreen Chung, MD
Jacob Cohen, MD
Anthony Corcoran, MD
Behfar Ehdaie, MD
Eugene Fine, MD
Farzeen Firoozi, MD
Jim Hu, MD
Petar Ilievski, MD
Joseph Jamal, MD
Jaspreet Joneja, MD
William Jow, MD
Jessica Kreshover, MD
Sarah Lambert, MD
Courtney Lee, MD
Eric Margolis, MD
Brian McNeil, MD
Ephrem Olweny, MD
Courtney Phillips, MD
Genri Pinkhasov, MD
Jeffrey T. Schiff, MD
Seema Sheth, MD
Alex Shteynshlyuer, MD
Steven Sobey, MD
Ray Sultan, MD
Ervin Teper, MD
Sven Wenski, MD
Shawn Zimberg, MD
Gregg Zimmerman, MD

2014 New Members

Shumyle Alan, MD
Marc Bjurlin, MD
James Borin, MD
Earl Breeland, MD
Benjamin Brucker, MD
Bilal Chughtai, MD
Anthony Corcoran, MD
Beth Ann Drzewiecki, MD
Sammy Elsamra, MD
Andrew I . Fishman, MD
Jaime Freyle, MD
Payam Hakimian, MD
Michael Lasser, MD
Naeem Rahman, MD
Ardeshir Rastinehad, DO
Igor Ryndin, MD
Mark P. Schoenberg, MD
Vannita Simma-Chiang, MD
Eric A. Singer, MD
Peter Stahl, MD
Doron Stember, MD
Ray Sultan, MD
James Wysock, MD